Seasons 4.5 – Man in Thine Reflection Lyrics

Man in Thine Reflection Lyrics

Kenta Todorova & Nicholas Pellegrino
Doth might be the track of Man in the Mirror (Shakespearean version!)
Yuh Yuh

1: Kenta Todorova & Nicholas Pellegrino
Mine reflection in the glass, doth bear Kenta\’s name
Residing in California, not in Placentia’s frame
Though I\’m not Spanish, mine dwelling\’s a hacienda
My favored hue is magenta (verily, ’tis true)
I doth take common W\’s like Salvador
Mine favored dish is albacore
Mine love for Laotian banner doth soar
I doth adore Jor! (\’tis known)
I dwell in Ireland\’s Cork
Koji resides from fair New York (truly)
My favored bird is the stork
Quark quark quark quark (ad libitum!)
That this doth sound a twisted tonguе
I am iconic, refer as Mister young (sеt it here)
On this line, hush and whisper
Beep beep, Twitter doth blither!
Thou prefer Mario, but call me not Daisy
On these rap beats I doth go crazy! (middling)
Mine memories of the last song are hazy, (Verily, truth mate!)
I doth covet a Grand Chalice from the emporium numbered seven and eleven (Yo! Shout-out Lux!)
Prez gorite
Prez poliata (Full surety)
Mine name\’s not Ladytron, check thine data (fact is this!)
Verily, only one shall comprehend
While the others may deem it a miss, my friend
Thine line may as well to the abyss go
The next song to come shall be a dire blow (what ho?)

: Nicholas Pellegrino
What a wonderous song that was from Kenta Todorova Shakespearean version
Shakespearean version!
Shakespearean version!

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