SADFRIENDD – Fake! Lyrics

Fake! Lyrics


MUPP broken your heart

Y\’all fake, uh
Bad bitch got a jaw, aye
Lil\’ shorty wanna eat up on my dick just like a entrée
I\’ma pull up with the clip to get shot infront your fiancé
Big ass stick, motherfucker, I\’m Beyoncé
Just stropping through your city, I ain\’t checking in
Why you pussy ass motherfucker tryna bring a weapon in?
Glock to his head, make him lean, I\’ma level him
Think he got low so I had to bring the devil in, wait
Took a flight to L.A, now I\’m chilling with ?
Had to come to the crib ? in the dirt
When the predator ? gimme off the percs
I\’ma take a fucking breaks ?, stay on my shirt
I don\’t want no bitch ass washed up
Sorry, motherfucker, walking \’round, talking shit, don\’t-
Blood on the base of my boots, don’t tip-toe
Why you bargain with dеvil making trades like crypto?
Loyalty beforе disrespect
A motherfucker talking shit then I\’ma cut your head
And I ain\’t worry \’bout a bag, I always touch a cheque
And I\’ma punch him in a jaw and now he\’s soaking wet
Blood leaks from your jaw and your teeth, motherfucker
And I stay with the gang, no bitch, motherfucker
Talking the talk, bro, bitch, shut the fuck up
Glock want blood, it\’s a real bloodsucker

2: scarlxrd
Oh God
I got everything that I want
Who \’gon never pray for my odds
You\’ll see great justice when I\’ve won
Do not waste my time, I\’m not done
I spit everything from my jaw
They all hate the fact that I\’m good
Fuck it I\’m back with aggression
King of the mansion
Wouldn\’t test my limits, oh I\’m aching
Scream and laugh till they listen
Talk about that shit
When I\’m with my demons we get nasty
Living in the night of a demon
Talk bout what I\’m wearing
Only got me money when I made it
You gonna see I\’m right ?
Cop a new fashion
Most of you be ? fake as

: scarlxrd


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