Rocklife Zho – Trim Lyrics

Got 2onefour in this motherfucker
Man fire that dope up
Plant that opp pack
Every nigga ‘round me really on bullshit we just rapping bout it
I can beef with boy that partner got killed and he just rapping bout it
Nigga know zho cut from different cloth he step on anybody
Got 99 problems, but a nigga, I ain’t worried bout
Bend the block just like curry walking on the grass and hit him
When we slide we walk up on shit, niggas window hit him
I was shooting leg first when I was up against ‘em
Got my stain up all night, on the new side of niggas
.45 hit his neck now his head bigger
Nigga get popped and tell ‘em watch my niggas in thе kennel
Don’t lock in that robbing, that when my nеst got bigger
I feel like big homie mislead me, I gotta get him
And long story short
I’m him
I don’t know nobody, don’t miss me with it, I ain’t them
I know I got these niggas scared they like shawty trip
You know I started all of this shit like baby and slim
Yea, huh, pussy
In love with tragedies, that soldier like mentality
Probably pull up solo but like 3,000 shots come after me
Bitch I run the whole label, motherfucker yea
Bitch I need more than 3 million, now the price went up
They don’t pull up with it soon, shit I’m striking something
Yea I need them blues, yea I just do it, I got my Nikes on
And I’m in two gangs, leave no clues, gotta lead them on
Told that hoe I’m finna pull up, she put on the dome
Heard another g’ got put up, got called out or something, (brrr)
Dumbass AR got caught up in you
Heard another g’ got put up, got called out or something, (pussy)

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