RMC Mike – Switches Lyrics

Switches Lyrics

Yeah, alright

Thirty times ten, do the math check
I was playin\’ with some shit before I had sex
Send that location, we pullin\’ down to your address
Automatic when I shoot the three, I never half-step
Bad bitch, big booty on her, but she got bad breath
Bitch was gon\’ leave anyway when that bag left
Ooh, I see his diamonds ain\’t hittin, he need a lab check
Y\’all still talkin\’ \’bout that hundred K, I done passed that
Thirty million streams this year, and I ain\’t press the gas yet
But I remember we was sellin\’ \’bows out an Aztec
Your bitch got a BBL, go get her ass checked
I think I made six figures on my last check
Okay, I\’m lyin\’, it was only five
I\’m lookin\’ for a drag race like I\’m ?0:44
Niggas can\’t step in my shoes, this the only size
I just bought a brand-new Glock 40, yeah, the police kind
When them boys listen to your rap, they like, \”I know he lyin\’\”
In the D on Seven Mile, I\’m finna order Coney Time
Boy, that Rollie faker than a bitch, you on a phony time
Shots fired and your man left, you on a lonely time
Seventy-five on that K, goin\’ shot-for-shot
When we lookin\’ for an opp, we go block to block
Unc\’ still smokin\’ dope, he gon\’ shop for rocks
Make a nigga shut the fuck up ?
Slide on a different opp in the K5
Hit a bitch with the cold shoulders like I\’m Jaiswan
My favorite time to go slide is in the daytime
Finna spend twenty-one thousand on my paint job
I\’m talkin\’ wetter than the ocean, you could surf on it
Poured up some Hi-Tech then mixed a lil\’ purp\’ on it
Threw a switchy on my Glock, I love the jerk on it
Bitch found out I fucked her best friend and had a hurt moment
Inside of the Monte look like basketball skin
Fucked an NBA bitch and had basketball twins
I got a play for ten \’bows at the Mackinac
Shit, my profit was a dime and I\’m stackin\’ all ten
Bitch, we runnin\’ rap game, I\’m all-in
You want a nigga gone, 1-800-CALL-BEN
You the type to shoot a party up, expectin\’ all kids
Sold the white boy a pint of Wock, it\’s really all thin
Okay, the Patek or the Richard? Shit, I can\’t decide
Before I go catch a body, I like to strategize
I know a nigga next move \’cause I analyze
Catch him walkin\’ with his kids, left him terrified
Gave him a pass \’cause I don\’t like to shoot kids
Nigga said he want smoke, hit him with two SIGs
It\’s reclinin\’ backseats in my new Benz
Man, you niggas can\’t rap and the truth is
I\’m a G.O.A.T. and y\’all really can\’t fuck with a nigga
I done nutted in her twice, now she stuck with a nigga
Movin\’ at my own pace, ain\’t no rushin\’ a nigga
Rockin\’ one-of-one shit, yeah, it\’s custom, my nigga
Pint of Wock\’, sell it to the streets, or should I drop it?
I\’m poppin\’ shit, \’cause gettin\’ your ass beat wasn\’t an option
Js don\’t come out \’til next week, but I got \’em
Every gun you got up in your fleet, I done shot \’em
Ball game, nigga, check the score, bitch, we up fifty
I been important now, so it\’s kind of hard to get in touch with me
Scream still tryna stab that bitch, I done fucked Sidney
Went OT last month and made a buck-twenty
I want a Lambo truck, but that Wraith on my mind
I could drop it any day, I\’m just waitin\’ on the time
I get my shit early as fuck, I ain\’t waitin\’ in no line
I\’m comin\’ to your mama crib if you play with one of mine
Loyalty the key, shit, that\’s all I know
Five-gram Slapwoods, that\’s all I smoke
If you ain\’t tryna spend no pape\’, what you callin\’ for?
Bitch, my lungs good as fuck, inhale all the smoke
I gave you niggas time to get off, now it\’s my turn
Four-five hit him in his head, clip his sideburns
I just got to flickin\’ at the whip, he took an odd turn
Shoot first, then ask questions later is what I learned

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