Rickarino 12 – Treetops Lyrics

Treetops Lyrics

Wipe that snot
Off your nose, you cost alot
In the grave you fucking rot
Pour them slots
Sniping niggas in COD
Your mom be like, oh my god
She a rod
You sound like a discord mod
Catcher with my wad
You a swat
Suck my cock, tick tock, on the clock, on the yacht
Something I am and you are not
Like an average bot
Rain drop, drop top
Smoking, cooking the hot pot
I caught these bitches with a knot
Slipknot, we don’t stop
Crop and pop, hop, treetops I smoke
Dot on that thot, just got hot
I shag her in the pond
Something I bop with
Throwing these pieces of shit with a mop
Frauds get popped
Sonic The HedgeHog, amy I am gonna fuck
Like a duck, going out of luck
Knuck till you buck on that asshole

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