RCBros – Beam Me Up Lyrics

Beam Me Up Lyrics

1: Reckless L
We balled at a castle and now we\’re spelunking in space
We got beamed up by the stars to smoke some astrology haze
Ah that time we were trippin\’ our astrology phase
You know I still wouldn\’t wake if you gave me a straight in my face
Or cover my mouth with tape
Or leave my on a lane for a few days then I\’m going to you wastes
And don\’t waste anymore phrase and erase even your graves
We saw that rocket fuel now wе can\’t be rested
Until thеre\’s nothing left in that can we contested
Then we we\’re tested
Blackie ended up bested and Reckless interested
In something that\’s infested with puke and the food rests Blackie should\’ve digested

2: Young Blackie
(Yeah, I been fucked up)
(Just filled my cup)
(Too many drugs)
I\’ve been fucked up
Just filled my cup
Lined up, too many drugs
Reckless hit me up, \”Yo Blackie, do some beats, do some weed
I\’m coming over less record a piece.\”
Bro, wait real quick just gotta pick up this receipts
Fuck my ex bitches they be all for the streets
Fuck Fuck need to get me some peace
Now I\’m balling in my zone
Blood dripping from my sweater, bitch I\’m dead to the bone
Research Chemical Bros, we\’ve been making it on our own
Let\’s break out the matrix bro I got the keystone
Fucking high like a drone bitch leave me alone
Always turning like a wheel
We gotta keep it real
Changing styles and we don\’t care how you feel
Babygirl i got this feel
Soon we\’re fucking signed and got a deal, Ya

: Young Blackie
Beam me up, I can\’t take it anymore
Let me rest in peace, I\’ve been dead for years
Beam me up, I can\’t take it anymore
Let me rest in peace, I\’ve been dead for years

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