Razor Bladees – Peeing In Front Da Local Hot Wok Lyrics

Peeing In Front Da Local Hot Wok Lyrics

Razor Bladees
Peein\’ in front of the local Hot Wok (Wok)
Emo bitch yeah, she suckin\’ my cock (Gawk gawk gawk)
Hit that Asian dude, with the Glock (With the Glock)
I\’m \’bout to sniff, on his fuckin\’ sock

2: DJ MikeShatter
I\’m in the city wok, and my balls itch
Smith and Wesson use the barrel as a ball scritch
moaning followed by laughter

3: Yung Lymphoma
In the Hot Wok, shitted in a sock
Eating corn stalks, post It on TikTok
R.I.P Lucine, she say bawk
I just jay walked, me and SNVGZ we on lock
Stuck my dick in a crock pot
Shout out Fart Round, my farts-
cut off by extremely loud farding noise

Yung Lymphoma, terminally ill beats

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