Quiet Man – Da Crown Lyrics

Da Crown Lyrics

Quiet Man
Welcome to my hall and i\’m gonna show my flow
I can\’t comprehend, your steps are so slow
You are tired of your life
Oh no
What the hell? Hey you
I don\’t know
Don\’t exist and don\’t breathe. I think, your time is up
But my time is hot
I gotta make a move when you wanna prove something
No mathematics, if i hate my teachers
My classmates will drown because they are so silly
Im ready to see their blood. But i can\’t feel it
Catch my fist, i\’m looking for my list of my classmates
You are my enemies
You are so ruthless, You\’re gonna make me drown
I won\’t stop wearing my crown
My revenge is dangerous
My school was scandalous

Hey Elvin
Wait for your gravedigga
Albert and Ruslan, wait for your gravedigga
I\’m your gravedigga
You gotta say goodbye
No questions, when I say
You can\’t admire me, our school was cruel
Fuck your dynasty, i didn\’t change your rule
Your hour will come when I try to hurt you
Never touch my soul when I wanna hurt you
My anger was hot, my temperature was hot
My picture was destructive and i designed my plot
I feel like breaking your weapon
My blood is cold, i must shed my blood
You will notice me if i take my crown
You can\’t meet me if i forget my crown
Leave my zone i\’m ready to save my crown
Oh My crown Yes Oh My crown

Zizizi zazazaza
Quiet Man\’s in tha houze
Blah blah
Zizizi zazazaza hey
This is my crown
Okay, okay

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