Purverse – Yall Think? (Diss Track) Lyrics


1: wait till the beat drop, watch the heat pop
But the song won\’t skip till the CD pop
Catch you on the D block, see you on the street watch
Never believe opps, you snitched, wait till they release docs
Wanna be Ross, wanna be Pac, foaming at the mouth like a pit with his leash off
Bit more than you can chew now yo teeth soft
Thinking these thots (thoughts) and no direction so they sleep walk
Fear the man with the most action and the least talk
You say you dont want beef, Im a veggie, more like beef broc
Keep talking about me and your teeth rot
Drama queen with ya weak plot
Not sunny in sеattle like the sеahawks
Miss with that peace talk, fuck ya girl with my obese cock
Keep it up like blue clues you gonna see dots
Ya girl make better music than you, on my dick, watch her beat box

: shit might get ugly like Jar Jar Binks
But I dont make pop music cause Lady Gaga Gaga stinks
But Im a play dumb before I call yall geeks
But call me Einstein cause Im here to make all yall think

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