ProtectFarm – Fed Up (Freestyle) Lyrics

Fed Up (Freestyle) Lyrics

I don’t do increased rates
I don’t do release dates
I don’t do no handshakes with those that aren’t my teammates
I don’t want no handouts
I don’t want no retakes or replies from females that don’t got their own shit straight
Tired of this cooperate job
I don’t need a briefcase
I don’t need no GPS to tell me go head keep straight
All I see is left turns driven I don’t need brakes
I don’t need a woman lying to me I just need space
I don’t want to slave my whole life on this 9-5
I don’t need a manager above trying to supervise
I already have enough problems to mobilize
There is no comparison to me and these other guys
So tell me
Tell me who am I to get so aggressive
Put my all into someone just to get neglected
Now she calls me left and right but it gets disconnected
If you don’t get the message you should get the message
Nah I ain’t got no time to play games
When I was with you you ain’t care about my pain
You ain’t care about a thing
You just cared about yourself and now you looking like a lame
No matter how bad you treated me
I still couldn’t reciprocate that energy
I couldn’t do to you what you did to me
I just suffered in pain
You took advantage I don’t see you the same
You feel me
All my life I’ve been mistreated
But fuck these bitches I don’t feel defeated
And fuck your sympathy cause I don’t need it
I don’t need to brag or boast
It took a long time for me to figure out I matter most
Starts from the inside. There you’ll help your mental health
Nobody else can give you validation but your fucking self
But I ain’t gone lie I kept the best hope
Girl I could’ve brought you to the light no Deathnote
For now I’m staying to myself so I don’t stay stressed
Now I’m loading up this ammunition like Apex
And girls trying to chill I’m taking rain checks
Cause I ain’t got no time for all these train wrecks
I swear it’ll never make sense

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