PROJECT: – DRAGON’S NEST – Cypher Lyrics

DRAGON’S NEST – Cypher Lyrics

Barilors let’s break these hoes!

verse 1: Miccigan
I came back from the dead with a lot of fire
This a dragon’s nest, ain’t no cease fire
Came from raising hell with a devil’s stare
Dressed in black on black, I RIP a hater
You can stand up, you can grab a chair
This going be the truth even if you dare
I will leave you square when you live on sphere
Make you run some Miles like a fucking mayor
So, it’s fuck y’all ‘cause I don’t care
Make your second guesses ‘cause I’m on the first
I mean, I’m the nigga make your favourite rapper running suicidal by a motherfucking thought
Choosing to choose me? I ain’t no skr skr rapper, I’m only the first
That’s hunting your ghost
Apart from the most
Consider me G.O.A.T
Of all generations
Alexander first, came for all nations
s like a Draco ‘cause they blowing minds
To these rappers, Prodigal they blowing funds
Like Mushala’s risen they gonna see what hides
All my true colours from this deck of cards
Let them shuffle, nigga still the numero uno
That don’t deal with bullshit like the modern matador
I ridicule
Fathom ‘em all
Fuck the soul
Erect a hoe
Let em know ‘cause he’s Thee

verse 2: EL Louis
Men-fuck everybody that hate us for being real
Every body that shows love and fake smiles
Every body that act like they gaht it all
And every one who wish for our downfall
Fuck every thing you do n your all crew
I make songs you make noise with no style
This time there ain\’t time to reconcile
I rather be in prison or in hell
First thing\’s first lemme set some ground rules
Don\’t be a snitch to impress your bitches
Don\’t be a fool n think you can smack us
Don\’t call me bro unless you meet the standards
That\’s why I hide like a fucking Recluse
Don\’t wanah mix with these type of rappers
Can\’t be gentle ‘cause am too aggressive
Telling me to chill that\’s my biggest pet peeve
Am allergic to whack ass shit
So when you drop your songs I sneeze
Told the devil you can watch me win
Suck my dick n kiss my ah-ah
As soon as am done you can make some noise
Me n miccigan just made some deals
Duo franchise that\’s Rolls N’ Pills
I think am done you can now applause

verse 3: Tido The Kid
What’s on me a cup, you lit my purple
So I’m bout to make you people tremble
‘Cause non of you’ll niggas contemporary fuck with
Fuckery is when I suck on your bae’s nipple
Talk of rivals they don’t see revival
I got me the bread all I need is a riffle
2023 I’ve lost me a lot and murder is worth Ima die for
If you sign in you free you can cap on
Like bitches gon change of thier looks on an iPhone
Legend records I keep with my gees you gon pass me the ball on the court I’m LeBron
Taking long it’s 2:06 I gave you only 3 passed that then I’m gone
I told you them people was fake,you keep on denying but takeoff is dead
Who said you gon’ keep with the fade ima keep on with slicing they pieces of bread?
Ima let you to catch on your breath, in the nest I’m a wraith and you sign up a track race
Don’t question my humble you gon let me be or else ima spit on your grave
So i take a sit and portray a view, you people can only see trauma
Cannot see my views but count on my fumble I’m only impressing my mama

verse 4: Lil Nic
No feelin’ got a flight in the morning
They be callin’ for me, I feel important
Preach to the streets I guess I\’m a poet (yeah)
I don\’t catch feelings, only catch flights tryna get in yo ho\’only here for one night
She kno I\’m a dog, but she kno’ I won\’t bite
I\’m on my shit, u ain\’t doing it righ’
I done came up, I\’m enjoying this life
I pop a shit that I kno they don\’t like
Act like I\’m plotting, let me hear from the mic
Free all my bros, I still sending them kites
Two-tone AP, one hand rose, one hand white
Look like I\’m rolling, I told her I might be Luis, supreme on my drip, like a hype beast
You kno I\’m slime, l\’ll fuck on his wifey
Diamonds they hit how they sit on ma white tea
I get them checks everyday like a Nike Rose Royce truck car,I kno’ they don\’t like me
They on my swag takin notes tryna bite me

verse 5: Vodmac dk
You thought this vibe will turn out regular but didn\’t
I\’ve been running this town with nothing on but flipflops
Am a lyrical genius my nigga
Roll back my sleeves nigga
24 be the gang nigga
This arent going be fair play nigga (woah)
Boobytrap nigga
Stuck in the dragons nest nigga
Face to face better back your race ‘cause we dont play nigga (huh)
Dopest gloves on shit has no handles
Yes we be dipping with pickles, my niggas dont really like shackles
But still hunt dope like fishermen
The reason these ladies got freckles
All y’all just wishing for milli’s
But soon be rocking off billions

verse 6: Rappa
This here a different standard
This beat is caesar\’s palace
And Igo bananas
No class I got no manners
I let myself on the court
Then scored like magic
Yeah I scored like Magic
Take your fans back after this
Won\’t happen ma class act
With the bars am packing
Mans said land so Icame and bagged it
Tell me who\’s it?
I\’m about to pop that clowns balloon I ain\’t scared shit
If the kid dont fit
Know this
I ain\’t never drill in my life but I still bring the heat
To Kalisi\’s pit
The dragon’s nest
A little bit of m e with s o called best
A little bit of skill for the ones that lack
A lot more swag for the rest catch
They asking, I go by the Rappa the real ones are paying attention to me
I speak, you see
Picasso the way I be brushing off peeps
Competition to me like a meme
You\’re putting your hart into comedy please
And you still come up short even if
You be jabbing at giants you\’re mouth full of beans

verse 7: Bankroll DayDay
Spot me a opp I\’mma be quick up to dumb shit (unhuh)
Play wit my niggas you know that we savage
Watch how you coming we bussin sh!t
You can\’t start wha you can\’t finish we ain\’t squashing beef
Smocking zaza that\’s a high relief
Choppa bang bang ain\’t no Chief Keef
We jacking shit B4 I rock jack N jill
Shooting with twin Glocks
See a opp running get his ass wet that\’s a perfect skill
Trap moving weights got a kilo on me
My bih’ so mad finna kill for me
We never lack keep a pole on me
Keep a block hot all the opps running (hey, cuhz where he at?, yeah I see his ass mane, there he go. Bih’ ass nigga)
Yeah, bih’ ass nigga can\’t play with me
When I\’m in the stu keep Glock
Free all my niggas they locked in the cell block
No Young M.A but I\’m doing a Milly rock
Flex on the niggas i feel like the rock
Niggas fun like Chris Rock
When I\’m on the block pop out witta rack (no cap)

verse 8: Sketch224 Marleygang
Am a real top shotta ask Biggz and Wayne Smith
Lemme shoot like will in the mood of bad boys
I can\’t see you good cause you men in Black
When I get done you will remain in the dark
Not loadshedding you guys will shed tears
Middle finger F.U.C.K
Better get this right I did drills from the UK
I don\’t care nangu muntuke
So forsake yumfwinke
Nga ni beef better
I can\’t my menu ntile meta
I step on your maps like a navigator
Let trek am a Traveller I make deals am a black sheriff
Always say in my music what I do is different
Don\’t say it\’s a fiction
Last man standing on this cypher it\’s an offset
We are amigos this a take off
Every move that I make it\’s real and not fake
Fake niggas can\’t chew a real geez cake
Don\’t blame me cause you all dead
In my mouth got a bomb nine suicide bomber not boma
I brought heat Pali beat verse yandi Pali repeat
Wack rappers can quit

verse 9: Mcstona
I\’m back in the game Iike no time to play
You can feel every sec like no time to play
We can use the same table though I have my own plate
For all the pain, I love a drug I guess you know my name
I\’m a big sized nigga you can bring another task
Now fresh is all I be when its time for the racks
A good smile comes when its all in my pocket (‘cause)
When I do it again, you\’ll never be low-key (huh)
You can wear a ski mask ‘cause I feel real energetic
I\’m killing fake rappers now its sounds like a magic
Triple threat within the move young niggas can\’t imagine
I feel weak for the gang ‘cause I fight like Ben 10 (right here)

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