PM FRVR – 100 Flowers (Freestyle) Lyrics


Had to get my muscle up
I was looking in the mirror, but they ain\’t notice us
They ain\’t notice me
How I\’m still lookin\’ at time and I paid the fee
You know them lawyers fees, I spent two AP\’s
All I want is a bitch that God sent for me
\’Cause I won\’t let a bitch make up to me
Mayballine, can\’t let a hoe wake up to me
In her dreams, but you know life is never what it seems
I know I\’m the one, you ain\’t gotta tell me
You should\’ve seen where I started
I was breaking down one P
3.5 for fifty, half\’s went for ninety
And if you add a ten, that\’s a hundrеd
I know you follow me and I keep it that emoji
I\’m filled with all еmotions
I\’m on the phone right now, I hope the lord is callin\’
I be in my singing bag, I don\’t rap often
Steady in my head, tryna shake the demons off me
She fucked 4 niggas in one week, thinking life\’s great (Psh)
You should\’ve seen the look I had up on my face
I knew right there, she lost her morals and her taste
But she didn\’t care, because the money kept her safe
But speaking of safe, I kept a quarter tucked away (Sheesh)
Remember the days I was waiting on a play
Now it\’s me and C4, know they pressing play
(Four bombs baby)

I don\’t go on dinner dates (Nah)
If she wanna link, I\’m in the lab, I\’ll make some space (Space)
Rubbin\’ on my hand, she tryna grab, she don\’t even wait
Rappers on my page tryna take the wave, you know you late
I gotta separate
In Atlanta, be cautious on that interstate
\’Cause switches turn guns to make them bullets go a hundred ways
Used to make a hundred plays, now I\’m on stage
Who thought my life would change
All of the hate got me motivated
Left you all alone, I was feelin\’ jaded
A hundred at your door, I\’m tryna hit a draya
I tend to treat these women like they not famous
Confessions like I\’m Usher Raymond, but I ain\’t naming
I sent her a starter pack, she said it was her favorite
Now she don\’t ask for favors
I be on the road busy meeting centerfolds
But today\’s a lil different, just met my neighbors
The love\’s gettin\’ fake, I just met some haters
The air a lil\’ thick from all the smoke they make up
I ain\’t ever meant to hit your bitch, I hope y\’all make up
I know she wanna clean her face, like she wearin\’ make up

Niggas ain\’t us
Know them niggas capping
Niggas ain\’t us
Know them niggas capping
Know them niggas ain\’t us
Four bombs nigga

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