Pitbull – One Blood Lyrics

One Blood Lyrics

1: Lil Wayne
504 gangsta, New Orleans soldier
Bangin\’ underwater, fuck around and soak ya
Louisiana gunner, I\’m \’bout my holster
And if you gettin\’ greasy, I\’m an ulcer
I\’m bickin\’ back, bein\’ bool, on the Eastside
Of New Orleans where the Bloods at the beehive
Ain\’t nothin\’ sweet unless it\’s Presidential
\’Cause that is where I sleep, now give me my key

2: Rick Ross
One love to the gangs (Yeah!), but I\’m in the things
Save the colors for the cars, see, we kill for the fame (Ross!)
The boss made it, yeah, we floss flagrant
Shame how I lost your life savings up in Las Vegas (Ross!)
I\’m a heavy better, I\’m a heavy seller (Tell \’em)
Keep white in the office, call it Jerry Heller
Lettin\’ off a hundred rounds (Rounds), let the barrel pick (Pick)
And we gon\’ sit here and wait for the Darryl case

3: Twista
Chi got Lords and Gangsters, show me where them niggas at
Chi got Two Sixes and Kings, show me where them killas at
Chi got them ballers and hustlers, show me where them figures at
Game, where them triggers at? Aim at them fitted caps
He got the clips, I got the scope, let\’s get them choppas, nigga!
He got the kush, I got the dope, let\’s get it poppin\’, nigga!
Hurt him in that cherry six-four, shit, ain\’t no stoppin\’, nigga
Hit him in the head and the body with a bullet
When I put him in the cemetery then I gotta holla out

Hook: The Game
Remix, remix, remix, remix, remix, remix
Remix, remix, remix, remix, remix, remix (Remix!)

4: T.I.
You knowin\’ my attitude shitty (Okay) only a buck fifty
So I keep the Smittys with me—shit, how many getting it?
(Hey, what you scared?) I\’m prepared in the mall and all
With two-twos, you can call me Quick Draw McGraw (Haha!)
You try me, I\’ma cut that fool, better call the law
I start sprayin\’, make fuck niggas fall and crawl (Bow! Bow!)
I press play like Puff, no pause at all
Choppin\’ holes in all the walls, that\’s all they saw, hey!

5: Chamillionare
I\’m the realest youngsta that\’s breathin\’
And I don\’t gotta give a reason
Chamillionaire a millionaire, y\’all competin\’ to be competin\’
My purpose is to get the cheese
And that\’s a purpose that you\’re defeatin\’
So shut your mouth, have a seat and be quiet \’til I\’m finished eatin\’
My label tells me I\’m greedy, hoggin\’ all the room on your TV
Like Eric, they think it\’s Eazy but it isn\’t easy, believe me
Need to make a room in B.E. television if you wanna be me
Game said he made room for Jeezy, I had to make room for me, G

6: Pitbull
To all my Mexicans, que bola
I got y\’all backs
I had lived through it and seen it all and that\’s a fact
To the new immigration laws they tryna pass
Tell the United States they can kiss my ass
Cause we\’re all immigrants and then I represent
I’ma ride, I\’mma die
I\’ma make these livedences
All they can say, \”That lil Chico killin\’ them\”
Ya tu sabe, dale came me como tu mama dinero

Hook: The Game
Remix, remix, remix, remix, remix, remix
Remix, remix, remix, remix, remix, remix (Remix!)

7: Slim Thug
It\’s one blood if you Blood or Cuz
From that number one Thug, it\’s still one love
I rep my blue boy team, but I do it for green
I do it for my Folks, Vice Lords and Kings
All the trappers, future rappers, standin\’ out on the blocks
Tryna get up out the hood, man, and stack up a knot
Put your sets in the air, scream, \”Fuck the cops!\” (Word, fuck \’em)
We gon\’ rep for the hood, man, like it or not (Thugga!)

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