Pich (Rap) – Cabin Fever Lyrics

Cabin Fever Lyrics

Pich (Rap)
Wish I could go back to the old days (old days)
When we saw the world through these rose shades
When the hell did it all change? (When the hell did it all change?)
How the hell do I stay sane?
Can’t stand this world we live in
Making money just to fund all our addictions
Sipping out the bottle while I down prescriptions
Tryna leave behind these inhibitions
These winters are brutal
Wanna pack it all up, the whole kit and caboodle
Let’s drive away into the sunset
Mе in my white tee, you in your sundress
So tired of bеing locked up (locked up)
So tired of not giving fucks (no fucks)
I got cabin fever, the walls so cold, feeling like a freezer
(walls so cold, feeling like a freezer)

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