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Why are you dressed like that?

Because Spencer, I\’m too depressed for the zipper, alright?

Get over it

I told her that my dick was hard, so she grabbed it
Phreshboy motion, I\’m on another planet
Toxins, yeah, they\’re causing brain damage
I\’m going nowhere, I don\’t know what the plan is
And I fucked a bad bitch, her name\’s Janice
And she was bouncing on my dick just like a rabbit
Yeah, she was bouncing on my dick like a bunny
I got fur all on my belt and all on my jacket
It\’s cold outside, so I gave that bitch my jacket
Phreshboy sexy, yeah, I\’m a bitch magnet
There\’s too much stress in my life that I can\’t manage
So I\’m doing all these drugs, so I can manage
Blowing up, blowing up just like a cannon
Blowing up, so they scared of me like phantom
They never used to see me just like a phantom
Yeah, I\’m up now, never in a famine
Took her to the hotel, it\’s her body I examine
Good Eats with me, yeah, I\’m eating salmon
1c34 till I die, bitch
She saw my outfit, she said that I\’m handsome

I should\’ve wore something more, really, like

Does this dress look slutty to you?

Not really, the sluttier the better

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