Perrie – Bent Cairo | بنت كايرو Lyrics

Bent Cairo | بنت كايرو Lyrics

Never at my worst, I\’m the GOAT
Know a lot of things yeah you would never know
Big wave think I need a bigger boat
You got prop money since you good at putting on a show

This is real shit, real talk, gang shit
Off the top you know I give you that flame spit
I\’m making my name
I\’m breaking my chains
I\’m running the race
I\’m claiming my place
I am not you, I\’m actually trying to make it

So what you’re running from you think you hear the thunder?
Oh you afraid of me, you think I’ll put you under?
Bring it like Napoleon, you think that you will conquer?
Well sit your ass down, this bitch no one can stop her!

Telling lies untelevised, don’t think I’ll hear it?
Fucking up my name bitch, you think they will believe it?
Some \”he said, she said\”? Better know we will beefing!
Well I\’m about to bite you back, yeah bitch you’ll feel it

Cause I don\’t dance for the clout, no maskot
Looking like a bad B, no ass shots
I be straight to the top with the bag I got
I got my city on lock, unlocked

Watch my device attached like lice
Is firing shots like ISIS
Got a car with no license
Last December made a change
Now they wonder who I is

Coming from a big town where no one noticed me
Funny how they changed and now they know my name
Now they know it’s me and now they know it’s P
And now they know it\’s peak and now they know its

Outta Cairo made a name and I’m about to blow
Outta Cairo made a name and I’m about to blow

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