OZCASHTHEPRODUCER – Street prayer Lyrics


Whatchu need nigga, got it for da low
I been sipping\’ onnat don, while I’m smokin onna Dro, I seen my bitch turnt 2 demon, I seen Niggas turn to foe
I been trappin\’ all season, know my brothers dey gon blow
Know my bruddas dey gon blow 4 dat check, niggas tryna cop da style ain\’t got no motion, (huh) dey bitch upset
Bitch get nekkid, for a real one who gon spend dat check, momma told me neva trust a bitch who mffuckin’ flex, kno da game like my left hand, call up gang, 50 choppas we slidin\’ suburban, what dis nigga really claimin\’ dis choppin gon twirl em(him), what dis nigga really claimin\’ dis choppa gon twirl em\’
Dis bitch go krazy
We got shots like navy
Ion like no drama, but I ain\’t duckin\’ shit baby, I been trappin\’ for a long time my drive krazy, nigga tryna line me like we ain’t ride wit 80
Everyday I pray to da streets
Dats da one who raised me
All dеse niggas tryna get, bitch I get it daily
Pop a xan & ‘po a 4 im offa dis shit daily, my momma told mе leave the streets it made my family hate me
I been tryna change my ways
Neva knew what ain’t street, (huh)
I been tryna change my ways
Neva did what ain\’t me, (huh)
Man it’s always bout da money, Pullin up 4 a KD, man it\’s always bout some money, I\’ll pull up for a KD
I been fuckin\’ on dis bitch I hope dat she don’t bait me
Machala I dey like wizkid, ion do no faking
,Sak pase to my brothers, we don\’t do no hating
Man I love all my steppers, shooters like da A-team
I done fucked a couple bitches since I left my last one
Live my life
I\’m in da trenches
I got plenty options
If yo nigga gotta problem
I\’m da problem solver, I ain\’t tryna go to jail, slide wit a revolver
I slid wit… (huh, huh, huh,)

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