Oktavia – Melancholy of the Literary Boy Lyrics

Often I\’ve fallen victim to a thought or two
Screaming \”Just leave, you\’ve got nothing to lose.\”
Shedding my friends, my school, and my job, the only cost
If I agree, then does that mean that I\’m the one lost?

Passing the masses at Keio alone, along comes a shout
Calling a wallet gone is a tearful girl tearing around
The train arrives and her cries quickly die to the crowd
They\’d rather worry better hurry to an open seat
As for me, I see the meaning found in meaningless now
I play my part and march onwards with these heartless machines

Somebody call my name it\’s all I ask to share
Why is it each day I turn the page only brings on tears?
Spinning twisting head let visions build
While I\’ve still space to dream
Dashing from the dark up to the stars as far as they may seem
Before my pouring tears betray me

Ah- My favorite author please read him as well
Each word has a world to spell
Even if I falter, as I\’m recounting how he killed himself
\”My life was one big mistake that I couldn\’t take
So many faults, they\’re all my fault, I lied and lie in shame.\”

\”God, what a gloomy man!\” I tried to laugh but deep inside
I don\’t know I just can\’t seem to get his words from my mind

Someone let me listen to your distant voice here
On this shaking train if silence stays I may disappear
I just wanna sail beyond the rails to the moon\’s side unseen
Never going back, I\’m going back so I can try to keep
The time when you were still beside me

Dear Mr.Author, will I follow in your lead?
Until the ink runs out, bleeding words for someone else to read?
\”My life was one big mistake\”- we don\’t share that take
I find it false \’cause faults aside we all recall your life
And even if it were true, I\’d still prefer to be you
Over the boy seeking comfort in your words left behind

Somebody call my name it\’s all ask to hear
Why is it each day I turn the page only brings on tears?
Soon I\’ll say goodbye to earthly ties, escape from my restraints
If you have the key to set me free, then please unlock the cage
So I can fly away

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