ODD31 – Dead End Lyrics

Dead End Lyrics

Dead End
Written and performed by ODD31

Dead end up ahead
Time to bust U-Turn now
Time is of the essence
Tryna conquer all my burdens
Ain\’t nothing like the feeling
Of seeing the bright lights in the city

No matter where I\’m going
My minds always coasting
Cold outta control
These hearts are staying broken
I don\’t know where to go
It feels like it\’s all a dead end from here (yeah)

Holding back all these thoughts days and nights
My mind lost in the fog through all the liеs
Love is a gamble but I went all in
Now I\’m falling, timе been stalling
Cigarette smoke to my chest
Got me coughing
I feel like I\’ve been close falling into the coffin
But I gotta get up and rise
I\’ve been feeling low, all the time
I\’ve been used to all them lies
Sh*ts been f*cking up my mind
I just want real love for life
I\’ve been stuck with all these lies
Feels like I\’ve been backstabbed with a knife
Living life like it\’s just do or die


Too many questions with no answers
These thoughts got me stressing
There\’s no love after all
I find my self overthinking
I\’ve been sinking through it all
I\’ve been falling thinking about it all
Anxiety got the best of me
Now all these thoughts keep stressing me
Second guessing thoughts
Blind through all them lies
(F*cking up my mind all the time)
September 7 never meant sh*t to you
I have all the love I could offer you
But all these times that I\’ve been feeling down
Whatever goes around always comes around
Way beyond the point of no return
Cause pain toss my heart into the dirt
No matter how I try to make it work
The outcome is always being hurt again

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