NoLuvSouljah – Can't Relate Pt. 2 Lyrics


Can\’t relate part two, and these niggas still hating
But you know I can\’t relate, \’cause I\’m not down for the faking
I\’m just trying to see my niggas win, we trying to blow up
They just want to see me down, and I\’m just trying to go up
Nigga say he wanted problems, but he didn\’t show up
Nut I ain\’t trying to beef no more, I\’m trying to grow up
And my niggas riding with the pistols, yeah, they go nuts
Niggas talking down on me, and I\’m just like, so what?
And it\’s LDE for sure, you rocking with BCO
And you know it\’s TeamGT, you fucking with G4C
Been through a lot of shit that you just wouldn\’t believe
Shawty, she was bad for me like Adam and Eve
Keep my energy low, man, I don\’t want them to notice me
I know that I\’m the chosen one, I don\’t want them approaching me
And my niggas, they gon\’ roll with me, that bitch, shе gon\’ go for me
Say the right things, now your bitch putting on a show for me
Lot of my pеople, yeah, they turned on me
But it don\’t matter, used to being by my lonely
Fuck your friendship, I don\’t want to be your homie
I\’m just focused on the dough, \’cause my goal is the cheese
Lot of bloodshed just to be here right now
Young nigga, but I\’m trying to stack a hundred thou\’
And these niggas hating on me, I\’m just like, how?
\’Cause I want everyone to win, we gon\’ shine now
They just want to lose, but that ain\’t on me, bitch
Feel like John Cena, \’cause these niggas ain\’t see shit
Rocking your bitch ocean, and I got that bitch seasick
Everyday I be on my TeamGT shit
Finna run it back, this that G4C shit
Grinding hard as fuck, so I barely get sleep, bitch
And my niggas wild as fuck, they might get to creeping
Realest in this shit, and it ain\’t no secret
Dreaming about death, man, this shit be getting ominous
Wondering if my death is right around the corner, man
And I\’m different from these niggas, I\’m better
And I\’m an alien to them like I came from \’cross the border, man
Sometimes I be wiling out like I was a Florida man
Bitch, I am the drill sergeant, get these niggas in order, man
And I got a old soul like I was an older man
$ubZero, so you know I\’m really colder, man
Bitch, I\’m finna go hard in this shit until the day I fucking die
They just want to see me down, they don\’t want to see me alive
Had to hustle for this shit, just to be up in this spot
Niggas thinking they can be like me, really, you cannot
I done sacrificed a lot, and I done gave it all I got
But I\’m still taking L\’s, bitch, we all living in Hell
And it\’s still free my cousin, yeah, right up out that cell
Got to provide for my people, no, I cannot go to jail

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