What Do I Know Lyrics

I lost everything
Fucked up everything
Did it mean anything?
Your lack of empathy
These bags of ecstasy
Pray to my gat, \’cuz these bullets be the remedy
Gave you the best of me, but you just want the rests of me
Nah, you dont want no best for me, you want whats left of me
You want to take it and burn it
Flying, some shit i\’m never learning
You put the cash on my skull, i guess i earned it
My foot on gass, no control, i feel it burning
Im good, no cap, yeah, you know, my hands just dirty
I stood on that dirt you hoed, and i returned it
I shoved it back in your facе
Upped the TEC, let it rap, thеy put your ash in a vase
I told different stories, i dont remember your name
I get so cynical, sorry, thats why they call me insane
But you know whats driving me insane?
Driving all the screws so loose?
Your lack of fucks, your lack of love, i really needed you
You just lock me with my brain and think im left to snooze
Excuse me bitch, im never ever done with you
You rotted my garden, you spilled all my fruits
You spotted my flaws and rebuilt the truth
So now you can say its all my fault
I shouldn\’t be unstable, go blame that on my part
I should just be the same, as everybody in my block
I should take all the blame and let it breathe over my heart

And here i am, excusing his death
Was it even real?
Hallucinations pushed to the max
Shit, what do i know? I\’m as good as dead
Walls closing in on me, i think its the end

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