Touch me like fentanyl, you gon\’ get killed
Before I die, I\’ma make a motherfucking mill
Fly a jet out to your bitch in the hills
She\’s geeked on the perks and geeked on them pills

ing Bad, need some motherfucking blues
Cheat on my bitch, She don\’t got a fucking clue
Gotta lie to the bitch, she can\’t know what\’s new

The bitch is stuck to me like some motherfucking glue
Had to pull up to her crib with my fucking crew
Whipped around the block, she was talking nonstop
Drove a little more, KD fell to the floor

Yeah, she fucks with me because she knows I\’m the guy
Diamonds on my neck, bitch, I\’m looking so fly
Yeah, he wants to touch, yeah, bitch, come and try
Bitch, I\’m out of my body, yeah, bitch, I\’m fucking high
Confronted me, bitch and all I did was lie

Let me get back to my motherfucking story
She was in Miami so she was hella worried
Couldn’t think straight for a couple of nights
Me and this girl was getting real tight

Told her, \”pull up, we can kick it for the night\”
Bro kept on talking, told him, \”get up out my sight\”
He kept on chatting, so you know we had to fight
Hella bitches arguing, can\’t tell which ones right
Diamonds on my wrist, and you know the diamonds white

I\’m fucking on this bitch, yeah, her pussy\’s real tight
I was going so hard, she had to tap out of the fight

ing Bad, need some motherfucking blues
Fuck ya bitch, then pass her to my crew
I\’m done with the old bitch, I need me a new

Balenciaga shoes on my motherfucking feet
Gonna go off on this motherfucking beat
Gonna go off on this motherfucking beat
Kick the bitch out to the motherfucking streets
Got a main bitch but I keep three on rotation

Gotta keep the crew in a certain formation

Pull up in a foreign and it\’s got ventilation
Go and get a bag, then I go on vacation

Fuck a band, I\’ma make a fucking stack
Look at my feet and peep the Cactus Jack
You know I\’m by myself, so you know I never lack
I\’m tired of the front, let me hit it from the back

I\’m counting all these stacks, my old bitch was whack
I got a new bitch, so what the fuck is up with that

You know I never cap so I gotta take off the hat
I\’m getting hella hungry, let me eat up the cat
Fuck, bro, you know he\’s a snitch, he\’s a rat
Fuck the bitch, she was hella fucking flat
I need the bitch with the ass, really fat

Ass really fat bitches hella cap
I think I’m on fire I’m burning up the track

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