NATIVEBOYKTA – Tentacion Lyrics

Tentacion Lyrics

When you die its cold summer wait
Then ya eyes close to numb the pain
Ya heart turn stone love will wane
In hell I rise scold from the blaze

I pray I never go under grave
I pray I never fold not in vain
Cleave to the bones bouta break
Losein too much fuckin blood bouta faint

And then my memories start erase
Vanish in eternal darkness away
Blacker than the tar pit the rain
Killin you the sparks mark you the pain

The sacrifice we all gotta make
Forgiviness from allah the law gotta pay
I wonder if we all gonna wake livin in terror
My heart gon decay

I pray i never lose you this way
I want us growing old we could play
Juliet and romeo wither
We could go wether
In the float or the flames

I wonder if Id die when im great
Or when i reach happyness would i fade
I worry when all ive acheived reach trinity limit
The lord come for me

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