N i G H T S – Halo Lyrics

N i G H T S

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

I need a bitch with a halo
Always listen when I say go
Never had them bitches say no
(Ah ah ah)

Never gon trust again
If I hit it I\’m switchin and duckin them
Man fuck it I fuck her and all her friends
They gon hear that he cakin and call again

(Ay, yea yea, ay)

Bend it over baby for the cheese
Way she whippin that wok came from overseas
She gon gimme that wap like she Cardi B
I don\’t give me a fuck where the party be
Last one took a permanent part of me
Man fuck all the feelings, it\’s hard for me

Now I kick that bitch out, she belong to the streets

(Ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhh ohhh yea)
(Ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhh ohhh yea)

Hey now
I\’m on my way now
I\’m not gon make it
Money\’s dangerous
I got a lifestyle
I gave her up
I love the bitch
But I\’ve had enough

Can ya
Take it
Numb it
Make it cakie

She got the body I wave through
She got the thighs that shake too
I got the stuff that\’ll make you
Time and again I hate you

Damage on my love and get busted
Pressure on my heart can get exhausting
Time again we fade and lose our trust now
Ain\’t always halo\’s
Your job\’s to love me
Love me in the morning when the sun\’s up
Halo on your head getting undone
Every time you love me I get caught up
It gets exhausting

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