Muze Sikk – Smile Lyrics

Muze Sikk
When God Lies Everyone’s A Saint

All my hero’s let me down
All the villains turn to clowns
Heavy visions on a cloud
Swimming the river
Imma drown in it

Gave up on me
You Gave up on me
(Well I never gave up on you)

I never even got the chance to tell you

Resolution exercises
What’s the sum of this surprise
Is it to take me past the highest heights

Or break
One little whitе lie at a time

Is that the only way to build?
Is thе only way to build to sacrifice a life ?

Cherishing contradiction
Finding “merit” in contradiction
I’m buried in contradiction
My “illusion” is a vision

Alien nation
Killing all patience
Off the titillation
Modern education

Mindless ticking time bomb
Swallowing the last gasp of this disdain …

For what I gravitated away from
Atypical dose
ing the cycle of excuses
ing the cycle with movement
Mindful ticking time bomb
Following the light on
Losing all respect when you lie bro
You ain’t like me
That’s why I ain’t try to even show
Ducking laws in effect still screaming
Coarse sense of pride got me underneath anaemic seasons
In a world so deceiving
It took more than what I had to achieve this
Free falling through forever till I’m ceaseless
Most are dead before the body hits the cement

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