Muze Sikk – OMMFG Lyrics

OMMFG Lyrics

Muze Sikk
With or without a win
That’s why I brought my second wind
Despite of consequence
I concentrate and consecrate the MF last tear for the fact that I’m here
For the last fucking time
Bitch I don’t wanna hear it
Flood the focus
I soaked it
I dove in the brain
From the moment my boner was domed it was drained
Blow a load on her nose
Noise job
Boring holes in my skull till the fucking voices stop

And I’m dead by design
So my life’s worth a fight
Aphids sucking on my fucking glass eye
Taking shit slow
Fucking take your time
I don’t got the time
Time to fucking get mine

OMMFG bitch
Where’s your God bitch?
Your religion is a virus
Your fucking minds Sikk
Evolution is a process
Survive or die bitch
I opened up my eyelids and fucking died quick

It’s the vernacular of actually attempting to eradicate the bitch in me that lead me to this altitude
The bucket went swish
I was wiping up shit and piss
Tell me humbly again why the fuck I should be a wimp
A soul sucking succubus sucking the salt dry
From cerebral fluids cushioning my MF mind
I concuss a MF with the uppercut
Rattle the brain of the lame with this untroubled tongue

No new friends
No old friends
No hope then
Coast with the BOAT
If you got it then you know it then
Walking on the moon
I was MF floating then
Staring at the sun so long my pupils turned to poetry
I fuck with nothing a fuckwit fucks wit
The love for the paper the pen and the blood it’s dunked in
It was mine
Get it by the pint
Bloody Mary; end up buried in a burial at night
MF vicariously carrying my hype
I don’t care I ain’t scared of a bitch without a bite
Ominous wind howls sorta like a wolf
Dead to the death in the breath of the oaf
Undress for the bread; pussy wet for the loaf
Flesh on flesh
We had sex in the snow
It was chill
Chill to the bone
Eye opening experience
It Was one hell of a show

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