Muze Sikk – Impossible Techno Beat Lyrics

Impossible Techno Beat Lyrics

Muze Sikk
Bang my head till the blood escapes
Read my fangs
Eat my fucking teeth
Appease my taste when I beat the case
The heats what I bring
I’m throwing a fifth of fireball back
Yes I’m all that
Got my draw back
Without drawbacks
These Bitches hold back
I don’t hold back
With the program
What you call that?

Smoking only gas
Undercover lover
James Bond
I’m the Sikkest MF now you know
Set the bar so high that MF floats
Zero gravity
The valley to the top
On the mountainside chilling like a goat
Many moons; my metamorphosis ensued
I’m not a man
Imma beast
Fuck are you ?

The human race is spacе bound
Eliminate the hate and facе the fate now
Forever deaf to all the fake when they shout
I meet the challenge, bring defeat, then lay em all down
MFs talk but that talk is not
Worth a drop of the spit from my fucking mouth
Swear to god
Imma cosmic anomaly
Deep off in that ass
I rip the shit properly

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