Muze Sikk – Guerilla Lyrics

Guerilla Lyrics

Muze Sikk
Can’t find a reason to give it up
I swear to god
If I had a choice I would choose to hoist
My middle finger
Fuck the noise
My soul is devoid
Playing a orchestra of chords that are ripping your core

Guerrilla tactics
No going backwards
We hit em where it hurts
And when they retaliate we disperse
We belong in the shadows
And that’s where their death waits
With a MF grudge that’s heavy as dead weight

Right where you belong
In the MF grave
In a MF grave
I’ll put you right
Where you belong
In the MF grave
In your MF grave

All is fair in love and war
And I love war so give me g gimme more

The one percent of the one percent ya know ?

Going all the way

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