Muze Sikk – Aqua Lumens Lyrics

Muze Sikk

I’m at the top of my game
I mean I was a year ago
But I’m not dropping the flame
But I’m still dropping the flames
Beyond the popular lames
They can’t hang or hold a candle
So they gobble acclaim
But spit ensembles of plain
I’m on different plane
I wanna parachute from space and land precisely on train
My thought process like a BOAT
A box is something I break
And outside the line so fine you can’t copy my brain

Malnutrition must’ve got you searching for some food for thought
Moving up
Find your seats
Hear me clear or what?

Ears eat this up
And it’s never enough

A whole mind under control of nobody
Gotta MF flexing broke as fuck like he Arny
It’s unfortunate nobody hardly knows; they so snotty
I got carpal fucking tunnel
Underground with sod heaps
Knee deep in my knowledge
I got lots built for parking
Gotta book a cheat a flight
Say hi to “loss” for me darling
Falling bridges conforming to standards held by the farces
Imma sergeant with the armament
A dog built for barking
And the bite of the ice
Will you leave you cold as Antarctic
All that’s counts is what adds up
And I’m the sum of embarking
On a trip that was properly planned
Never been sloppily bland
Sample the droppings of sand
Falling on popular brands
Time is a awfully grand marvel I honestly can’t
Lie like I’m hardly a man
Drive like a car with a trans-mission that’s startling and
Shifting regardless of fans
Whether or not I pull bands
I’m still a artist who slams

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