Muze Sikk – Alchemy Lyrics

Alchemy Lyrics

Muze Sikk
You can’t wrap your head around this
You ain’t Orochimaru
Bitch I’ll be back tomorrow
And I’ll be back for blood
When I press that button
You will fucking feel the frost
That’s running through my veins
Running through my heart
All this fascination with disaster leads to loss
Let’s turn this shit around and build up something that won’t fall
Falling back in patterns I was meant to put on halt
I don’t talk like walking backwards is the only way to walk

All the time that’s spent on chasing paper will result
In hella paper presidents residing in the vault
The merit of a hustler
The drive to get you up
And through another day when you would rather give it up

It’s a fucking long way to the MF top
And one hell of a drop
Penny for your thoughts
MFs talk like thеy know what they want
But really what they want is to know what thеy want

In my hands
Going ham
Once again

From the top
One more time
Watch it pan

I don’t fuck with your excuses
Don’t excuse me baby

I don’t give a fuck what you think about me
Nor do I give a fuck what you think

All that counts is that I count on me when no one else does

Alchemical metaphysics actualize the growth
Salvage this whole soundtrack from a thousand fucking volts
Sikk is nosediving like a seagull off the coast
Checking for a pulse and neutralizing every foe
Out here choosing life because I got a lit fuse
Don’t do this for money
I don’t do this shit for views
Talking out my ass because I’m constantly confused
All this time that’s wasted makes me crazy to accrue
All the fucking money in the world as fucking proof
That value is as value does so don’t you misconstrue
Bullshit ain’t the basis; it’s important to refuse
MFs who want nothing good for me or you
We can do this daily baby; every fucking tune
Its me against the world; against the failure I will chew
Up and spit the fuck out cuz I fucking hate to lose
What’s it gonna take to turn a penny to a few?

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