MKraycee – Fakes and Snakes Lyrics

Fakes and Snakes Lyrics

Five thousand, eight hundred and forty-four days
They\’ve been going through something

They want me to fail
They want me in jail
They want me to trust them
But I don\’t wanna trust them
They all look fake
All I see is snakes
Time to clean up
All of the fakes
Cutting them off
Like I\’m cooking my steak
Cleaning my room
Making no mistake
They want me to try
They want me to cry
I want them to follow
They disobey
I\’m getting tired
All these days
I need to rest
But I am stressed
With all these works
Can\’t do \’em myself
I need help
But I need to prove
And improve
All of my-
All of my-
All of my yeah
All of them
They don\’t trust
When I do
They be shocked
When they do
I don\’t give a fuck
All of these skills
I want to waste
All of them ill?
I need raise
I need trust
I need loyalty
I need you
You need me
You get what I\’m saying
If you don\’t
Then you don\’t
Even myself
Can\’t get what I\’m saying
This is crazy
Time to turn up
The music up
But I want the bar
They want the law
They be like Saul
But I say I\’m good

All these fakes on my back
All these snakes on my back
Like Woah
All these money on my pack
Like Woah
Every money get printed
Like Fo sho

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