Mithril Oreder – Eye Queue Lyrics

Eye Queue Lyrics

Mithril Oreder
Folks a crypto shoutout to the new
Generation get going old school boy
Check this 2019 and turn the heart heart
Now I got the combination to the vault
It\’s still they trying to figure out how
I\’m playing his BA get it in the stack
Is high in the sky I\’m trying to feed my
Like become a truck truck
Risky situation god bless good luck and
God We Trust that\’s what the money reads
And the love of it that\’s a cold greed
Nothing\’s guaranteed some of this
Concrete some working on the fire fill
Up the time sheet a duel quicker than
Big live another world another lane
Another gang good for all crypto best
Run and don\’t trip Oh transaction fat it
Big doе escrow and equities so
Putting penguin ain\’t major investments
Cheep-cheep say speaking French learn
How much do you think and then how much
Do you deserve and if they create and be
Great to show the world that your crypto
I met Laura
Kiki says spin stroke how much do you
Think and then how much bigger design
And then they create be great to show
Girl get your crypto on oh I\’m from a
Secret society not the kind of secret
You keep in the diary now the kind of
Secret that our me students of inner
Vision watch me teach them entirely I
See the irony of a pupil keeping an eye
On me I don\’t need nobody to hire me
I\’ll just tap it to the higher be my
Fire but quiet when I\’m desiring a slave
From the cotton fields became the master
Of the quantum field now the loss of
Vibration require me to rev up my engine
Mid floors to hit me you worried about
Time for time visionary like Henry you
Can\’t beat us it\’s better to join them
Junior this season my head on the coin
Worth more than a pretty pretty picture
Me falling off you must be smoking crack
Now that I know max I\’m a different kind
Of token black rolling with the Super
Soaker the one with the shoulder strap
Banana clip hanging out like a gorilla
Scrotum sack you\’ll wanna test the coin
Collector croc gathers a jockstrap not
The Lord Protector the silence is the
Noise correctly that I destroy yourself
To make the voice defectors a citation
Forbidden food sip on the poison nectar
Of power and faith the __ is kind of
Funny recovering alcoholic garlic get
Drunk off this money now hump blazing in
We\’re Republicans I miss sunny and
Lambie in the Trump Towers they looking
At me funny staff literally no sense of
Venus Miami all City says you\’re
Dangling your symbiote in my embryo I\’m
Only dropping videos on Vimeo to control
All are you Millennials for sure to keep
Your currency digital Spindler how much
Do you reckon then how much
And if they create be great to show
World that you prick the one that\’s more
I got my mom raised up on the ground I\’m
Staying up overtime this pain I\’ll hold
It down like a man up what ain\’t nothin
Jesus still go huh huh my money my coin
Is what\’s important that when you\’re
With them when they come to paper keep
Shaking them later sucker free man you
Gotta be eligible to stay allow to
Qualify these days ain\’t got no hustle
You\’re banished so use your muscle then
Grab forget about the struggle the
Blemish to be probably managed but hey
You know it don\’t stop won\’t stop even
If I never get it what the __ are
Close shots I\’m trying to give my Crips
To work so I\’m gonna be posted with my
Pesto come with a money meant oh yeah
Let\’s get this trip over we can\’t we
Can\’t eat the heavy part of my plan
Involves money my __ being broke as a
Joke is far from funny I\’m trying to
Bring light to my life in the darkest
Bonus hustle hall Saints finish burn how
Much do you make and then how much did
You deserve and if they create be great
Show world get your crypto on the
Equivalent of multiple dividends and
Vulnerable elements higher eminence
Superior or higher certificates admire
The financial experience the reverse
Birth control theory is your account
Acquires more commas or less periods
Karma take cover your mama without the
Complex Oedipus elegans and joint took
Those successes and all of the benefits
Make the sign of the Cross sitting on a
Couch across from Ellen DeGeneres from
Being a generous humanitarian and
Philanthropist they want to kill my
Hands and rinse supper brands that are
Terrorists the scripts that I read and
Considered contagious and cancerous I go
Animal for the financial so any
Similarities between me being a human
Being is purely coincidental well been
An icon every evolutionary marsupial
King Kong no money don\’t grow on the
Trees that I\’m swinging on Bobby\’s
Stupid he submits the auras the blue
Crystal creating a total mobile
Masterpiece contain wire to my campaign
Wire me some liquid from my mentor or
Appoints profile the hunger for
Financial stability fuels my aggression
Me through or shatters any negative
Crypto preconception he\’ll be the master
Phones but your wings a passenger
Control stealth in to pass at a pole
Cache cold milk pull the camp over the
Globe who wrapped them approach we ask
The photo Stephanie from watching a cap
In the world there\’s nothing but riches
Existed here bicipital though I\’m skip
It into the mode of watching my assets
That can explode like a full rifle on
The glass know you can win statistically
Maybe money can\’t buy you happiness but
You can\’t afford your own brand
Dismissal she keeps a spinning bridge
Flirt how much do you think and then how
Much you deserve and if they create be
Great to show world that you\’re prettier
One lets more oil they say more the
World crap this one man centralized
Event utility there\’s more stacks miss
Row got hi oh hi dr ethan the pool like
A pyro back by cerium
The first cast but mining and stinking
Cool the digital poking master like a
Watch said I said I said I stay plugging
The most red eyes never forget I in one
Generation removes or poverty so ain\’t
No going back now and you ain\’t stopped
Of me risk and reward gotta choose it
Bob make it late then I use the property
The refinance but living off the equity
Chops the mast feeling all aboard for
Directed me and havens can\’t come around
Here like vasectomy warm Papa so on a 90
Degrees injector
Being rich flirt how much do you make
And then how much do you deserve and if
They create and be great to show world
Let your breath go up yeah let\’s go
World my life opens wolf-like
Distributed pledges fit the hell and
Back I had to trim around the head now
They wanna try and tax me for my capital
Gains assassinating with some tactical a
Man\’s been hating digital currency no
Spinet helpless how to make a man back
In 1996 to trick you out your paper with
Some interest free rent so don\’t settle
For 0.03 percent
– elevation of my idiot networks a fan
Spread the word like a peer-to-peer
Network the street can to hear my best
Word best-kept secret Roosevelts that
Legwork weird-ass word out my hillbilly
In the bull goes back in to generate
Monetary tangibly only food Bailey could
Result in my disbarment old farming
Weeds I\’m a bride a combined harmon full
My IAM basura mimic Jack let\’s go on the
Door Cactus Jack mikey whipwreck Federal
Reserve is a Titanic ship breakfast Ohio
Decentralized Jim James even tie free
Private yield socks well I stick on the
Subway and slap at neo-nazi it was a
Party on the block till the cops came
There\’s an interface left-handed I got a
Black Jeanne Spindler how much bacon
Then how much
And if they create be great to show
World that you\’re pretty oh I meant when
I try to think of a word to describe
With a little oil can\’t stop running
Recreate just liquid so about time I was
Getting bored
Outside the thunderstorm I am thought to
Strike lightning twice wet from before
Face down I shoot you in the back leg
Hump the floor leave show me themselves
On the ground it\’s like waterborne
Seeing in World Report Fox News World
Morris up 100 points more according to
This chart you beat you like a redheaded
Child and talking like a yellow headed
Body powers-that-be
Only afraid of art this our officer
Thought amongst the flood but front my
Animals to understand when I talk cuz
I\’m a masterpiece of master MC coho the
Master class every week on how to master
Your beats if you talk back they\’ll only
Beat your ass to the screen I climb out
Of it by leckrone a feast a state attest
The subscription renewal it\’s only fun
For you late I punch you in the cheek
You lose a couple of teeth that\’s why
You can\’t handle Heights trouble you
__ you should die suicide drink a
Bucket of bleach __ you __ them __
Him at the lips don\’t make you a holy
__ two nuns and a priest __ tight
Make your fight brass noisy please
__ lay you out flat like tuck in
The sheets
Piru keeps a Spanish Prince learn how
Much do you make and then how much do
You deserve and if they create be great
To show world that your prick go on
Let\’s go
I\’d rather live in a yoke decision to do
So how much __ I\’m thinking how much
Do I deserve mid through all the
Generals of hip-hop have spoken
Sign up and get them talking my general
Coat of arms Smith we made for gold and
Bronze holding on for dear life like I
Sold it on I\’m not the life but I do
Reflect it at the very least I\’m too
Invested not the respected the derelict
Heretic is free to cherry-pick looking
For the wallet of a well confessed under
I stole little oil for the cokes and
Then I\’ve renounce Christ at the altar
My blood DNA mixed with metal told me
What the same age
Saw my software was up to date don\’t
Separate floor red pills are tough to
Take I wish there was another way we
Wouldn\’t suffer this fate we become
Vampires at once we taste use sandpaper
To scrub the radiation works for my face
We ate locusts trim the door they look
Like a final rooms as I didn\’t notice
The irony in the moment we voted for
Native American now Rhino pulled us
Yellowstone exploded Godzilla rose from
The ocean
Great for the blockchain angel smith law
Mcs is the only ones that can save you
Peer-to-peer on a landline you must be
Out your goddamn mind you still the
Sam\’s Club standing in line MacAvoy kick
The organochlorine for a bag of coin
Jack as a boy gonna take all your
Tracking points i had no heirs middle
Names a colbert I wanted oil it met the
Wall and your happen shares an electric
Male digital gel this is hell why you
Think they call a mobile phone the cell
Keeps a spinning bridge flirt how much
Do you think and then how much do you
Deserve and if they create and be great
To show the world that your prick go on
Let\’s go oil
Ghetto superstar big cars luxury sitting
On top of the world doctor haters
Bugging me get this tacit believing the
Haters go hey never run out of
Rappelling stay on the train I\’m doing
Trigger rates I\’m the heavyweight I pick
You up a bunt you like a featherweight
Let me illustrate so you can\’t elevate
Then take you to a home of the mind
Snake like real estate yo thang rates
Trip the 100 the hunt of the month gang
Nicely Confederate Wisconsin chase me
Got embraced me place me place me
Regiments Jeffersons her mother\’s dress
A lot of these suckers going out for an
Advance advance you gain your whole wall
Cryptocurrency menthol all he keeps a
Sign speaking French flirt how much do
You thinking
We deserve and if they create and be
Great to show world that\’s a crypto on
Let\’s go oil chichi says I spent
Exploring Thomas do you making then how
Much did you deserve and if they create
And be great show world that your crypto
On mithril on

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