As you all know, A serial killer has been on a murder spree recently
We advise all other residents in Butcher Lane to lock all doors and windows
Stock up on weapons and barricade your doors
We will keep you all posted with updates this is *REDACTED* signing off

Sheets of burlap in my F-150 pickup truck
Cleaver in the trunk, organs displayed on hood like a buck
It must be hunting season, call me a dog, I\’m hunting duck
Hiding in the shed, floorboards creak as my chainsaw revs up

Chainsaw on the prowl, heavy breathing, we’re playing I spy
Bodies smell fowl, At the table eat your limbs like apple pie
Yum Yum! 12 Gauge, trigger finger leave no crumbs
Making music with my .410 cause i love to bang the drum

I left the cleaver on the scene with your obituary
Me & Kreep chop up the bodies that shit culinary
Rip out intestines think your giving birth, you ain’t Virgin Mary
But if so we grind up the fetus, watch your ass miscarry

Smoke from the chimney in my lungs
Rip out your teeth you speak in tongues
Bear traps in my field you can\’t run
Leave you black and white and red all over treat you like a nun
Call this stay out of the house, im the butcher, we gonna have some fun

This week our team of investigators have found a
1979 Ford F-150 with various limbs and intestines inside of it
We have come to realize there was also a burlap mask in the truck
To add to that we also found a sickle and a cleaver
All items of the infamous killer, MINCE

Bitch im at Butcher Lane, entrails on my chainsaw
Light you up like a Christmas tree, while the people stare in awe
If another underground bitch talk, im ripping out their jaw
Vivisection on visitors, shove their teeth inside my maw

If you come to Butcher Lane, you ain’t gonna leave with your skin
You dont look happy, give you a Chelsea Smile, i can see that grin
Hang you up inside my slaughterhouse, pelts and some deer skin
If you come to Butcher Lane, we take off your head like Anne Boleyn

Cranium transparent, 12 gauge gonna sever my silver cord
If you come to Butcher Lane, bitch your organs gonna be stored
I don’t fuck with society, thats why Butcher Lane ain’t explored
All y’all can\’t fucking think for yourself, zombies how your a horde

Brutalize you James
Brutalize you James

Brutalize you James
Brutalize you James

Brutalize you James
Brutalize you James

Brutalize you James
Brutalize you James

We have confirmed the killer is MINCE
The killer would break into peoples houses
Brutalized and beat them, and eat the victims remains
He is still on the run to this day

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