Miguel Jim – Normal Guy Lyrics

Miguel Jim

A historical fiction
1969 was a special one
Men went to the moon
My mother give birth
To me humm

She was very sick
At the hospital
Doctor ask grandpa
If we have to choose
Who will be
The one

I ain`t gonna say
What the response was
This part of the intro
It was very sad

There was a moment
On surgery
The lights
Went off
For real
The panic
On the doc face
Turn the wheel
Thank technology
For the back up
We both
Made it alive
That was a sign
We got to live
I`m grateful
No complain
2 lives were safe
If only I would had
The chance to try
But my mother
Was kept away
End up crazy
For like 15 days
Overdose in anesthesia
Like she had dementia
I was lonely, humm
I was lonely

Dad wanna to go
To usa
Study to be a vet
My mom
Follow him soon
They were
Like in their 20\’s
When they decided
To move

I stay
I was kept
Only 2 months old
Texas was far enough
I`m glad
Turn out
Like that
I will never
The way
I was

Love me
Like nobody will
I play in the garden
Listen to music
From an old Vinyl
I ate a lot of chocolate
Until I got ill
Singing to the roses
Because I was so shy
They heard
My first voices
Looking to the sky
Eating ice cream
I was a spoiled child
Feeling my soul
Where I learn
To dream
And to be
A different one

I grew up
Been a little rebel
With idols
Who were
My inspiration
I was dressing
To pretend
To be tuff
But inside
I wasn`t the same
I appear
To be off
Was often
Got the talent
To be
The gossip
Like recent news

Got a memory back
My nanny
Give me
A bottle of milk
She touch
My private lap
She was
Only 12
I was 3
I`m sure
That was her face
This was no dream
No dream
That I had
When I was
A baby

One day been bold
I try to face her
But she din`t
Want to respond
I think
She hate me
I`ll never
Shouldn`t talk
I cause pain
And now
We both traveling
On the same

Here comes
The black sheep
They said
They think
I`m crazy
But I can`t care less
I`ll always be
The black sheep
We all have secrets
Nobody is alright
I`ll be worry
If I din`t
I`couldn`t be
A normal guy

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