MFrmdaO – Real Pain Lyrics


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Only real niggas understand this pain
Lost O\’s, I\’ve been goin\’ insane

Edot, I remember all the good times
Country, Notti, I ain\’t forget about ya\’ll
Like this shit hurt
Feel like my feelings are stuck in the dirt
Huncho, I really miss your soul

Yo EPI, why they dissin\’ on you and they don\’t even know you?
When I catch ENotti, get put up to bed, th-that\’s word to my deads
Miss my mother, that shit hurt the worst
Keep dissin\’, end up on a shirt

Keep losin\’ brothers I pop me a perk
Bad shawty, I\’m makin\’ her twerk
Things wasn\’t better for me on the hill

Now i\’m in the Yams, and bitches gettin beat
Fuck a track, it\’s deeper than this
I believе what edotty told me

\”Yo M, you gon be thе realest\”
Gang, gang

\”keep your head up, you gon be winnin\”
Glah glah

Me and Notti only had one vid together
PARTY IN THE HILL was our biggest hit
RIP the Guys, i\’ll miss ya\’ll alot
Talk on them, that\’s on bro you get shot


(Come back, I still want you)
(Come Back, I still need you)
RIP all my niggas man

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