Max Moody – ISSMOODY Lyrics


Max Moody
Step back in with a brand new flow
Watch me ride this ting with ease
Look up, you might see me glow
Alien compared to you fleas
And no, I don\’t come in peace
I turnt the whole thing backwards
So the pussio sent desist and cease I sleep but I do not rest
Made this beat in a lucid dream
Grab my pen and I write from chest
Can\’t be pressed bout anything
I look too good for the Boston scene
I told my cuzzo
Whole team huddled to make this fit like puzzle
Leave no detail muddlеd, the rollout subtle
Now thesе A&Rs like to mention me
Hit the boy up consistently
Won\’t accept a contract in USD
No, I need equity and crypto currency
Tryna shut down TD Garden, next day fall to the West Indies
Dont stop my dreams, I\’ll show you nightmare scenes
Says you don\’t like us, please
I\’ll have your likeness etched in tees
Convince the world it\’s what fashion needs
Make a brand call it \’Rest in Peace\’
Man are evil that way
And boy better know when it\’s played at the show ten time in a row its a reload that way (Go on then)
It\’s the godson of the Eskibeat beater
Moody Grim Reaper
Quantum Leaper
Lyrical missile heat seeker
Instant war crime, Geneva
When its your time I\’ll need to bleed ya
Mama taught me well how to treat her
Might not stop two gyal from Antigua
Fucks give neither
On my popstar, Justin Bieber
Try to Keep up
6\’2\” boy how can you belikkle me?
That shit tickle me
Mandem soft like tofu
I will smoke you, hickory
Prick, I will leave you sickly
6\’2\” boy how can you belikkle me?
That shit tickle me
Mandem soft like
I will smoke you rude boy

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