Matt OX & SURF GANG – Real Rage Lyrics

Real Rage Lyrics

Evil Giane


Surf\’s up Bitch

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Oh Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah

Look how I ended up after all that
Look how I ended up after all
Ended up at the top I won\’t fall back
Ended up at the top I won\’t fall
I\’m in the ?, I\’m blastin\’ off
I\’m growing up and I\’m standing tall
Growing up I don\’t want to fall, yeah
Glowing up I don\’t want to fall
I\’ve been going up gottem all in all, yeah
Gottem blowin\’ up gottem all in all
All in all
All in all
All in all

I\’m not giving up, cause this is all I got
I can\’t give this up, like it\’s my only shot
When we pulling up, you know we gon drop that top
We just doing us, we just doing what we want
I\’m just having fun, I\’m just having fun
Bout to feel the love, when I\’m feeling numb
Yeah I know it comеs, that\’s just how it comes
I can make her jump with it whеn I\’m in the club
Imma be the one, I know Imma be the one
I don\’t need no one, you know I don\’t need no one
I know that I\’m blessed I can still see the sun
I can\’t even stress, cause I know that it don\’t mean non
No I\’m not done, no I\’m not finished
No I\’m not done, no I\’m not quittin\’
It ain\’t never ending, it\’s just the beginning
It ain\’t never ending, I don\’t got no limits

I know that they fake, they stuck in the fiction
This is real rage it is not a feeling
I take all the hate like I was the villain
We\’re not on the same page, I\’m not even reading
We not even even, we not even even
They can\’t even talk to me, we not even speaking
I guess I\’ve been tweaking, I\’m not even sleeping
I told y\’all get off me, I don\’t even need it

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