MajorSteez – Check Freestyle Lyrics


1: Sandile
Check, check, check, I just got a cheque
The combo lookin\’ correct
Full marks on the test
They wanna know my address, wanna check on me
Bayathakatha but it got no effect on me
Sekwanele I\’m \’bout to get them in their feelings
That other duo really need to go back to the village
(Nigga wait, wait, wait, Wag n\’ bitjie wait a minute)
Relax ke Hip Hop doggy dog it\’s the image
That nigga don\’t want this smoke, akabhemi\’
That nigga just a Youtube clown, Papa Penny
They were never ready, ya\’ll could nеver scare me
And if thеy can\’t beat you, ba sebenzis\’ i-chemi
When I wake up, take the combo out the freezer dawg
They playin\’ FIFA, ke depetsa de meter dawg
Bare ka fisa dawg
Bare ka fisa dawg
ped out of school now I\’m stuntin\’ on my teacher dawg

2: Sihle
Check, check, check, check
Boy, you gotta chill, gotta give me my respect, huh
Before I put you in check
First was a influencer, now you on the decks, huh
So tell me what\’s next?
Tryna squeeze up in the industry, there ain\’t no space left, huh
Thinkin\’ \’bout a ministry, you might need saving
You don\’t see the vision, guess you ain\’t so Raven

3: Lucasraps
I had enough of niggas I\’ma stay shittin\’ on you
You niggas is some known bitches, I ain\’t hatin\’ on you
Y\’all just straight bummy, y\’all dummies
Not gettin\’ no money
I find it funny
You act like a dick and your bitch suck it lovely, huh
Look I\’m jiggy, no silly nigga above me
I swear your drip look dizzy, you lookin\’ like Telly Tubby
Your niggas is lyin\’ to you, I don\’t think they your buddies
Fit lit, bitch thick, off to have lunch
Might call another chick and have a threesome
\’Cause the last time I checked girls wanna have fun
And off the way you look you would think you\’ve had none
Why you mad, son? You just had a bad run
Don\’t throw a tantrum, just get in your bag once
And make good music
Your 808s and kicks sound foolish
That\’s the only advice, you heard it from Lucas

: Riky Rick
Bathi Hip Hop ifile

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