Lupe Fiasco – Repo Pe Lyrics

Lupe Fiasco

Say aight, aight , aight I hear you b, I hear you b
Shi- shit was aight, you know what I\’m sayin\’?
Aight, aight, aight
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay

Ay, nigga peep though
If you SBA pay/Pe, then you call me Young Repo
Ol\’ Deebo
You can rapidly move your feet so
But nigga what\’s graphics to a cheat code?
You know that ? for the hood turn your cheetah into Cheetos
Flamin\’, nigga think he bangin\’
I\’ll make you take your chain out in places you should tuck your chain in

But Lu, you can get it back if you pay/Pe \’em
I\’ll make you smith a will if you ever think about jading/Jaden
Quit the parading, lighting/lightning up like Raiden
Act your age, start acting like you Asian/aging
Talking like a shaman
Make this trip short like a ride around the caimans
All that shit you sayin\’
This nigga acting like he was balling out at Chrome Hearts
Came out with a bag smaller than some foam parts
Fuck outta here

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