Lub Minu & Kayglo – Shootout Lyrics

Shootout Lyrics

Lub Minu & Kayglo
1: Lub Minu
ARP it hold 60, bitch
So don\’t play with this
All the opps they steady cliquing up, on that scary shit
? ain’t no switching up
It’s that pressure, bitch
We gon’ come through once we get the lo’
Know we facing shit
Know we got the switches on them glicks
All my shorties Jumpout Gang
They jump out, they don’t do no miss
Send a nigga right up with this .223, bitch, meet the reverend
And my niggas steppin’, strap him down with that illegal weapon
Know that we get wild
We be outside, we step for all these faces
Muda (Muda)
Bookie (Bookie)
Speak on Wreck: we gon’ bang it
Hopout Gang, wе tryna hang shit
Bitch, these Amiri jeans, thе newest things
They none of this shit
I got ?

2: KayGlo
It’s me and Minu and y’all know just how we get
Walk all on they shit
Illegal sticks, both of them got switch
Masked up, they ain’t even gon’ know who did the shit
All the opps went about guns, used to stomping on they shit
That fully-automatic make that nigga crash in traffic
Bail out, get to clapping
Niggas flodging, we ain’t with the bappin’
Put up in the crib
Them weakass Trillers, come and make sum’ happen
Niggas know just how we get
Pull up, hop out, chasing shit
Lil Twonoo do the dash, and hit the gas
Ain’t worried ‘bout the dicks
All the hoes be on our dick
Stalking, liking all our pics
Tryna hit the block, that’s ?
My youngest reckless
Come through this bitch tryna flex, they taking all your shit

3: Lub Minu
We young and reckless, running up
Don’t give no fuck about no camera
If we catch him, wet him up
Could give no fuck about no diss ‘cuz I call Lil Shawn get you touched
Holon’ Shotta dump a ‘hunnid, make the lil bitch crash the truck
Hop up out that car
Soon as he fall, run up face him
Me and Lil Twon turnt to ? shit
We scrapped now erase him
Spinning back-to-back on demon time
Tryna catch sum’ and erase it
Niggas cap and ain’t know shit
I swear to God, these niggas faking, boa
No, I’m not the one
‘Cuz I’m gon’ pull up, hop out, blicking, boa
New Glock with a switch
It hit you up and having you shaking, boa
Call up Lil ?
He gon pull up, fry your ass like bacon, boa
Kaycee in this bitch shaking dreads like he Jamaican, boa

4: KayGlo
And I get w

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