Locksmith – Hypocrites Lyrics

Hypocrites Lyrics

Buck roll

: Locksmith

Im just gon…
Im just gon say what I feel


: Locksmith

Ima stand on my position, I\’ve always been a man and never ran from my position
I\’ve always took a stand to expand on contradiction
How you cancel Kyrie but not your Amazon subscription
Im from the bay so it\’s relevant
If we condemn him for the link, go at the bezos for sellin\’ it
I do not agree with his rhetoric
But we should scrutinize both guys, not just the side with melanin
Now we bout to take the L again, it costly
When your genepool is outta pocket the relishin\’
Every misstep we take abrupt, so you can understand it takes less than four quarters to brеak a buck
LeVar Burton, we all searchin\’ for proof
Gеt caught with the black thought and they strangle you by your roots
They dangled us by our noose if you knew better than you measure
Misinformation from truth not what the news fed us
They have to bait you inorder to aggravate you
Continue to sell trauma then tell you they advocate you
There\’s only two ways we get to read success
Either promote death or let em put you in a dress
We kill each other, cuz we focused on the bands
Buckshots and take off and fans postin\’ on the gram
Self inflicted violence, desensitized from homicides, trauma brings viewers and viewers create dollar signs
You know how much this country loves Narcissists
We DFI stars and pray em feed the Pharmacists
Prescription drugs, pop music is well kept
We medicate our gears, these rappers become the sale reps
And the active ingredient is obedience
Instead the microphones and the styrofoams there\’s lenience
We hypersexualize the naive, get em high and hide the intent, the BPM is the medium
We all should be accountable for slander
Keep the same tone for those with the joules of gerrymander
Some of scared to answer, ignorance is paradise
Got a yellow tape worm and these bullets are parasites
Stuck in a careless fight, lookin elsewhere brings, anorexic pipe dreams, with no healthcare means
How many heads were turnin when Mississipi was burnin\’
And Brett Favre got a bag, that\’s a wellfare queen!
I repelled on schemes, it scams out
You were given a upper hand, now you handlin\’ handouts
Too late with the plans now what you block a risk
It\’ll be more than a play sheet that they\’ll slap on your wrist
My reaction is this, dont expect me to play it still
When you constantly move the goal and unlevel the playing field
You point the fingers deflectin\’ your impotence
With your Social media mob thats flooded with hypocrites
Rappers get convicted from lyrics, it\’s like a cheatcode
Just to be paid in full, now you\’re starin\’ at a RICO
Look up underneath those, who created the climate
If you not the one that sellin\’ the sickness then you\’re a client
You know how much this country loves Narcissists
We DFI stars and pray it to feed the Pharmacists
Prescription drugs, pop music we love it
Ingest it in our blood stream, sell it back to the public

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