LOAT! – Friends Lyrics

Friends Lyrics

You´re a totally different person to me now
I used to think if you were somebody that never, ever, hurt me


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

What? What? What? Yeah

Like was it me?
Or was it you?
I just wanna love you girl I got nothing to lose
You said meet you there at three, or was it two?
I´m always faded I cannot remeber you
But what you said, like was it true? (what the fuuu)
Pull upon ´em imma knock ´em out of shoes
? , where´s the room?
I never askеd for it, she knew what to do

Pull upon ´em with a Glock ninе
´Bout time that he got his ass offline
It hit the streets but not that one cause that block´s mine
I paint it red, fifteen dead like it´s columbine
I got shooters on the rooftops aiming at the blue blocks
She said it´s so good she turned around thought I had two cocks
I just saw them two opps loading up the clipwatch (pop, pop)
Two pops, like it´s a flipflop

Like was it me?
Or was it you?
I just wanna fuck I know it´s blunt but it´s the truth
She said she dont like me, well fuck you too
You got friends, they like me more than you do
But you buyin´ off off me, it´s thirty shoe ? (what the fuuu)
You shop on my cousin I swear I´m not bluffing it´s twenty four two
This lifestyle ain´t free, that´s what ? do
We´re going to mars to shoot for the stars and aim for the moon

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