​lilp0o – ‎jumpouthehouse remix Lyrics

‎jumpouthehouse remix Lyrics


Woah Woah
Woah Woah
HaHa, Ayy, Ayy

I jump out the house (Jump)
You know I\’m catching a body, you know that im getting the pesos
He tried to run, I had to shoot at his legs i had go get the pesos
He tryna go and see God, Im gonna send him to hell
He tryna play with me dawg, Im gonna give him the hell
I send him to hell like im the Devil
Block is hot you know its hot like the kettle
I got my pole i got the metal, feel like a veteran I got the medal
He said we got beef nigga lets settle
Im in the crib I am high likе the treble
Hе thought that he tough but he act like a rebel
Your bullets so small, yeah they look like pebbles

1, 2 ,3 ,4 How many bullets go thru your door
5, 6, 7, 8 Imma hit a lick at that store
We chop it up, we want some more
Im boutta hit, bodies drop to the floor
Jump out the House like i am Carti
Me and my buddies shoot up the party

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