Lil Yachty – BARNEY Lyrics


Lil Yachty
Ooh, Ooh (
Okay my cup full, my bitch bad
And I ain’t worried bout these niggas (
Stuff four grams in a tiny paper
I can’t pass it to no nigga
He get mad when she play my song
Nah, but I’m only getting little
? quick and it gives me the hiccup
That’s your pounds? I’m doing sit-ups (

Lil Yachty
Watching the sunrise in my background, thinking bout guap (
Used to not really have knots, now I have knots (
Used to open up the show on the time slots (
Flew my thick bitch from LA, she shop at the swap (

I promise today I’m getting high to my peak and I’m touching the moon
Pressing the button and starting the cars and switching ?
I’m a Crete\’ boy
Go against the gang and you run out of hope
He a internet nigga so whеn he don’t post for a while, we know that hе broke
Hustle till four in the night shift
My chain will freeze a nigga ice
They ain’t never seen no shit like this
Make a movie with the pop and the spike

Lil Yachty
I just spent a quarter before noon
I hit four hundred hoes before June (
I was booted up playing Fleetwood Mac’s greatest tunes (
I took purple molly to the face on a full moon (
full moon
I been booted two days straight like a ?
I got six hundred thousand cash in a secret room (
secret room
I have 6K diamonds hiding in my daughter’s room (
daughter’s room
Only the realest survive around Crete\’
Keep shit real ain’t sweet
Whole lotta money
Whole lotta hoes
Whole lotta, whole lotta heat (
All my cars ? themselves, futuristic fleets (
Elon Musk my drugs, Tesla got me fucking freaks
Hey, hey

Can barley lift my eyelids
Lil Boat super sonic
Fuck a hood bitch up in Marni (
She ?
Better ask around
We the ones who bought out Barney

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