Lil Uzi Vert – Stevie Wonder Lyrics

Stevie Wonder Lyrics

Lil Uzi Vert

(Honorable C.N.O.T.E)

Stevie Wonder with the bitch, yeah
\’Cause you know I cannot see her, yeah
Only money in my readers, huh?
All of my girls, yeah, they eaters, yeah
All of my whips they two seaters, Skrrt!
But if she got friends, I can\’t leave her, c\’mon
Blue citizens, my pockets seniors, yeah
My bands they old just like Jeter, Woah
Put my side bitch in a beamer, yeah
Don\’t give a damn like a beaver, ayе
Back at my phone, wanna reach us, huh
No, I can\’t talk about no featurеs, uh
It\’s not nothing that you could teach us, yeah
Don\’t hit her up, I like to tease her, yeah
You know that my swag off the meter, aye
Get the guap, fuck is a visa?, huh
Bank to work, like it a need trip, huh
I\’ll be cappin if I need her, yeah
Diamonds, they blue like aminum, woah
Diamonds all over my fingers, yeah
Bankroll on me, I\’m a beaner, uh
I remember I was a leaner, yeah
Hit from the back she a screamer
Kick her right out like she best friends with Gina, uh

Aye, I am from Mars
I gotta get off the shrooms after dark
Stars all on my roof, this spaceship, not a car
Young AP, the Muller, I bust on her arm (aye)

Watch how a young nigga flex, ooh
Watch how a young nigga flex, aye
That little bitch gave me neck, uh
Do anything for a check, uh
\’Member my life was a mess, aye
I had to give her my best, yuh
Yeah a revolver, hold six, ooh
Then, I put six in his back, ooh
Hollow tip straight out his back, yuh
Backwood, it filled with the gas, uh
Two hundred all on my dash, yuh
Don\’t use the brake, and I still won\’t crash
I was alone
Reason that I was alone
\’Cause the fat diamonds. These bitches so fun
But they still ridin\’ me just like a pony, yuh
Giddy up, get it up
I had to turn my city up
She was skinny, blew her titties up
Blue hundreds put them fifties up
Brought my bitch her own tummy, tuck
Fuck nigga not with funny stuff (aye)
Did I tell you that my pockets stuffed?
They stuffed like a encyclopedia
What that mean? That I don\’t just read, aye
I am ahead so I\’m leading, aye
Im in the air so your breathing us, uh
So basically sayin\’ ain\’t leavin\’ us, uh
Switching my fashion this season bruh, uh
I got the sauce get the season tucked, uh
Like static, I got my TV\’in up, uh
Boy, you so low get your legion up, uh
My clothes, they so fresh, look like easter stuff, aye
Bite on the swag, told \’em eat it up, aye

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