Lil Reiner – Ya Feel Me? Lyrics

Ya Feel Me? Lyrics

Lil Reiner

Ya feel me?

My name is Reiner, and I feel kinda crazy
I\’m hiding in the walls, and I\’m feeling kinda shady
I have no choice, but to kick-off an attack
And now I gotta live with that burden on my back
I made some friends here along the way
Especially Historia, man, that\’s my bae
Death on my mind, that\’s the thing that I dread
\”Hey Bertholdt, why is Marco dead?\”
Well, Marco\’s dead, gotta do the dash
And those Survey Corps, man, they be on my ass
Gotta hit up Bertholdt, and make it mad steamy
That being said, I\’m outta here, ya feel me? (feel me, feel me, feel me)

That\’s a wrap
Wrap it up

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