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Lil Kruzi
Baby we can make it through
We don\’t have to choose
What you wanna do
But you have to call me
So I could call you

Little nigga you blocked my number
What is wrong with you
I don\’t care about these hoes no more
I\’m falling for you
And I\’m headed home
And I wish I had you
By my side
So long
So call me baby
And I\’m falling daily
What chu want from me baby
I ain\’t do
This shit is crazy
I\’m doing it on the daily
I\’m fucking with you baby
Say what you want
I\’m fucking niggas daily

Watch it upbound
Watch him up in the sky
Watch him drown
Watch him put him into the sky

DC Osama
Beat him on the ground
I been feeling dredgy
So lately I been down
I am more profound
Call me baby
You know that I\’m down
Pull a .233 out
We gon shoot him down
Bitch you wanna call me
But I won\’t answer now
Pull a stick
And he down
Call him out now
It\’s lights out

I would never fall
Busting on the call
Love then you want me
Thеn I\’m fucking on the ball
Oh shit
I don\’t really like this
I don\’t rеally wanna fight it
So call me crazy
You falling like a baby
I hit it from the back
And I say she from my baby
I fucked her four times
Hit it from the back
And I hit from the front
And I did it like a skat
Bitch you didn\’t want me to stack
And I did it like a dad
And I fucked her cousin low
And I made her call me dad

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