Lil Jorck – GOD TIER Lyrics


Lil Jorck

Sleep is for humans, I sit in the silence just writing
I plot as I\’m holding the clip
Swear that I won\’t hesitate
Better sit back and pray
\’Cause you pussies can\’t even compete
I\’m dead inside
I tell you I\’m fine
No blood in my veins
It\’s all in my eyes
I\’ll make em bleed for all of their lies
I finna be their fucking demise

I\’m counting this profit
Feel like a prophet
I got a list with their names in my pocket
Pills that im popping
They made me vomit
You push my limit, I might go psychotic
Brand new FN
It\’s gon\’ leave a scar
Run all you can
Thesе bullets go far
Came with the switch
I might lеt it bark
Run it up, pussy
You know where we are
Kali Yuga with the Ruger
You niggas ain\’t cooler
Addy got me zooted
Got a regiment of shooters
Menace to the fullest
Underworld producer
Fell for a vampire
It was easy to seduce her
Took her to the castle
Baby I\’ll be back at night
Creeping through the shadows
I come out in moonlight
Got me biting on her neck
Now I\’m up in cloud 9
And I\’m dressed up in all black
Finna take his fucking life

Disturbing the peace
They know I\’m god tier
Watch as I rise from the flames
Beyblade on my hip
I might let it rip
And show that I ain\’t playing games
Stepping it up
And I\’m \’bout to take over the scene
While I take \’em all out
Claiming the throne
And reclaiming my soul
Make a new fucking wave
Ain\’t no stopping us now
Going berserk on these verses
I\’m full of adrenaline
Down for the combat
Lil bitch I\’m a veteran
Niggas so desparate
Tryna get relevant
I dominate it
There ain\’t no comparison
I\’m everything that they\’re not
Still cannot doubt me
I\’m just getting started
These fuckers don\’t know shit about me

You get the message
Y\’all ain\’t no different
Turn up the party
They bumping my sound
This money my passion
All that I\’m chasing
You got it wrong
If you think I need clout
I know who you tryna be like
When you rap with that voice
And still got no hoes on your dick (Where\’s all my e-girls?)
Do yourself a favor
And stop the embarassment
You got me laughing
Go ahead and just quit
These 808\’s violent like a killing spree
And ain\’t no surviving when lights out
They filling my mentions like \”I need a feature\”
Just hit me up for the price now
Thought I was gone, but I\’m back
And I\’m ready now bitch
I\’ll be letting them know
Jorck is the reason they looking so nervous
I\’m taking what\’s mine
And I\’m making them fold, bitch

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