Lil hoecake – The debut Lyrics

The debut Lyrics

Lil hoecake
Shout out to uh, brian and chase
Gave me fuckin ball cancer in my dream last night
Shout out to vinny
(he) made me do this bullshit
Not really sure what the hell he wants me to do on here
This is my first track
We\’ll see how it goes
Fuck you guys

My balls hang low, i\’m a fuckin rhinocerous
Put my dick in your bitches mouth, down her esophagus
I\’m rich and you broke, yeah ain\’t it obvious?
I\’ve got the competence, and that\’s what you lack
Racks on racks
I stack while you slack, and i carry a mack
Read you like a book, and then put two in your back
I don\’t fuck with paper, i put you on hardcover
Then i fuck your bitch again, and tell her i love her
But now my dick\’s burnin up, cause she got fivе others
Get back at that hoe, i fuck hеr sister and her brother
I lick on her clit, then i suck on his dick
Pogo stick, i bounce on his shit
Take it all in my ass, and i smoke all that grass
I take a sip out my glass, i\’m cross faded in class
I sniff sharpies, i huff glue
My brain\’s small, probably the size of a screw
My teacher fuckin hates me, i\’m dumb as shit
In the mental department i lack, but i know the math

You thought this shit was over?
Nahhh y\’all just can\’t handle the rest
This is lil hoecake bitch
Touch so much money they call me a breadophile
Broke ass

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