​​Lil Happy Lil Sad – Disney Love Lyrics

​​Lil Happy Lil Sad

I promised I would love you
If you promised you would love yourself
Took the arrow out your heart, & shoved it thru my chest
Girl I don\’t get you, and I can\’t get you out of my head

If you like cuddling, we could cuddle up in my bed
You like fucking, but for rumors I ain\’t trusting no rest
I\’d be lying if I told you I ain\’t checking your ass
Everytime you walk in front of me girl you so bad

You can tell me what you need, I learnt to love you better
I went through it with a bitch, I wish I knew her better
But that\’s all in the past and I don\’t like looking back
I live and learn though, don\’t you worry I\’m a better man

I\’d be lying if I said I haven\’t made the same mistakes
Sometimes I got burnt real bad before I realized the stakes
So many times I hurt so many girls, it\’s not okay
But if you\’d like to take a chance, it\’s not gon\’ be the same

I guess I finally done grow up
As a kid I had no one, surrounded by grown ups
But nobody showed up when I needed them the most
So please wait before you blow me off, I had to learn this on my own

How do you treat someone close to you, I learned through watching netflix shows
A distance love, the only love I really know
That\’s why I treat you like a princess, but I don\’t expect to be a prince
I know it\’s not that simple

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